WHY Aren't You Drinking Your Water??

WHY Aren't You Drinking Your Water??

You know you are supposed to be drinking water. You've heard this over and over again and yet... Maybe you need a reminder of all the benefits? Let's go through them and break it down a bit....


There are so many health benefits from drinking water that it is ridiculous. I mean, come on, there is no excuse. It's free, it's easy, it's healthy....

Waste Removal - All day long your body is removing waste from your cells, blood, digestive system, and so on. How do you think your body carries out this function? It requires your body to be hydrated to do this properly. Let's think of a stinky, almost dry sponge on your sink. Think of squeezing that sponge to try and remove the funk. Not much would come out, huh? Now, let's saturate that sponge and squeeze, re-saturate and squeeze again.... could you get that sponge cleaner?? Yep. And that's how it is in your own body. Being well-hydrated works to remove lactic acid that causes soreness after a hard workout. It works to remove the waste left over from our food and drink. It even works to remove FAT from your body. That's right. Once fat is metabolized, the byproduct or waste from the fat is expelled through your lungs, sweat, and URINE. You MUST be hydrated to get rid of that fat-loss waste. If not, guess what happens...you hold on to it. 

Blood Sugar - If you are pre-diabetic or diabetic, hydration is very important to help your body better control your blood sugar levels. Without getting too scientific or medical here, your blood is mostly water and when you are dehydrated, your sugar levels can become more concentrated, leading to a spike in blood sugar. It just makes sense to drink more water to aid in the regulating functions of your blood and specifically your blood sugar.

Headaches -  One of the most common causes of headaches is dehydration. Your brain is comprised mostly of water and when you are lacking it, your brain tissue loses hydration and causes a slight shrinking of your brain tissue, resulting in your brain pulling away from the skull. (eek, sounds dramatic) When this happens, it alerts your body by triggering your pain receptors and causes that headache. In addition, dehydration lowers the blood flow and oxygen to the brain, (due to decreased blood volume) and that can be the cause of your pain. Before reaching for a pain reliever the next time you have a headache, drink a glass of water or two and see if dehydration was the cause. 

Arthritis and Joint Pain - Think of a dried out or rusty hinge on an old door. Now imagine the sounds, friction, and damage that would occur if you were constantly opening and closing that hinge. It would creak, rub, and wear out. If it was properly lubricated, it would function better, stop creaking, and prevent further damage to the hinge, right? Well, your joints are nothing more than your body's hinges. Your body needs proper hydration to keep those squeaky knees functioning properly. If you have arthritis, it is even more important because water and hydration also help combat the inflammation that is occurring in those sore joints.


Ok, so the health benefits weren't enough to convince you to drink up? How about your vanity?? If I told you that almost every part of your appearance would improve from proper hydration, would that convince you? Your hair, skin, nails, fullness of your lips, whites of your eyes and bags under them, appearance of cellulite....even the smell of your breath, all improve just by drinking water.

Skin - Your skin regenerates new cells daily. Hydrated skin performs this function at a much higher rate and more effectively and this leads to a brighter complexion. Wrinkles are plumped out by hydration and the dryer your skin is, the more likely new wrinkles will form. If you, like me, spend money on products to keep your skin beautiful, why not aid your beauty routine by staying hydrated and correcting skin issue from the inside out?? It's practically free.

Cellulite - So, that fat is there...it exists on even the thinnest of us, but you can help reduce the appearance of cellulite by staying hydrated. Cellulite appears when the "netting" that holds fat together is pulling on it. If you plump your skin out by drinking enough water, you add a hydrated layer to your skin that pulls your outer skin layer away from the netting, therefore, reducing the dimples you see. Are you headed to the beach?? DRINK UP!!

Dark circles under the eyes - When you are dehydrated, you lose a layer of protection between the skin and all that is under it (same as the cellulite above) and you have little between your under-eye skin and the veins. Dehydration causes that bluish vascular layer in your under-eye area to be pulled right up to the delicate, almost translucent under-eye skin. Also, because the skin is not plump, it pulls into the ocular bone and the shadows make the circles seem even darker....

If you are up for a challenge, why not take one week....ONE WEEK... and measure your water and drink the amount recommended for your body? As you begin to hydrate, your body will begin to change within a couple of days. At the beginning of a new hydration routine, your restroom visits will feel like a full-time job. This is temporary and will shed whatever water and junk you were retaining due to dehydration. Take a picture of your face and watch as your skin's appearance improves. Notice how you feel energized, how your sleep improves, and how your muscles and joints feel. It is a small change you can make towards major health gains and improvement to your physical appearance. 

Let me know if you accept this challenge and tell me the changes you notice! I'm doing it, too.




Happy Weight

Happy Weight