Lose the Excuses

Lose the Excuses

If you are looking for the perfect day and scenario to begin or reignite your fitness routine, let me tell you two things...perfection does not exist and today is the day. Lace up your tennis shoes, pull your hair back and get busy.  It's time to lose the excuses. The list of reasons to not exercise is endless and can remain endless.They serve no purpose and are in your wayIf you do not have a gym membership, lots of gyms will allow you a one day pass for little to no money. Go try a gym and if it fits your needs, join. If that's not an option, let me remove that road block by telling you that you don't need it to get moving. If you are reading this, you have access to the internet, and thus all the info you'll ever need to move and change your body.

Start small by picking one of these options:

 -Take a walk... better yet, ask a friend to walk with you. Add some abdominal work at the end with either planks or crunches and a couple of squats to strengthen your muscles.

-Try a Group Fitness class like Yoga, Dance Fitness, or a Sculpt class. Commit to yourself that you'll stay the whole class. If you get tired, tone it down and continue the work with less effort, weight, and with smaller moves. You'll survive and you'll feel like you just accomplished something.

-Look up a fitness routine online and follow it at home. Don't allow TV, telephone, or the computer to distract you. Designate the amount of time you'll commit to the workout and stick to your promise.

If you want this renewed commitment to your health and fitness to stick, put things in place to help yourself follow through. I really believe a workout/accountability buddy does the most good. If you don't have one, that is where exercising in groups help. I have happily witnessed (more times than I can count) people developing lasting friendships by simply meeting in a class or gym.

If working out alone is more your thing, put it on a calendar and let nothing derail you. If you get sidetracked by life, put in the work early or late, at lunch or before bed... I've even challenged myself by watching my favorite guilty-pleasure TV show (like "The Bachelor"...:/) and squatting through the first commercial break, crunches during the second, push-ups (usually from my knees) during the third.... and so on until I have gotten a total body workout from the comfort of my living room.

This is your moment. You are reading this for a reason. Lose the excuses and let's get healthy.

I'm here for you. Give me your best excuse and we will do our best to find a way around it.