Power2Flower means using your capabilities and potential to grow and thrive. You already have all you need within you to care for and push yourself. Plant the seed, water and care for it, and it will grow...




Loving and properly caring for yourself is not selfish, it's healthy. To be your best, for yourself or others, you must care for yourself. Think of the airplane oxygen mask concept....put yours on first so you may be conscious to help others...

  • Healthy self-dialogue tips
  • Self-care...ideas from grand to simple
  • Sleep, hydration, listening to your body



Tired of guessing what to eat, how much, and when? Me too...

  • Delicious, simple, healthy recipes
  • Grocery shopping lists
  • Latest info on health and diet trends



Exercise and movement are a must for a healthy body and mind...

  • The "Why" behind fitness....what's to gain?
  • Exercise tips, formats, and suggestions
  • My workouts that we do in my class
  • Videos with explanations of at home workouts